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People have developed an amazing new ability recently: They get offended on behalf of other people. You can’t be offended on behalf of someone, feelings are non-transferable. You can’t be a husband standing beside a wife giving birth going, “Don’t worry honey, I’m feeling pain on BEHALF of you”. She would beat you to death. Nobody asked these people to be offended on behalf of them, they just did it themselves. They jumped in front of a bullet that was headings towards a tree. All right? It was a blatantly stupid sacrifice they never needed to make.

- Daniel Sloss, “It’s Only a Story”.

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What even with these false analogies, none of this makes sense.


TLDW: Game Of Thrones 4x03

"… This is my first interview and my first guest is Catherine Deneuve. Coucou! She’s in front on me, everything is alright. I need a cigarette." (x)

finn jones reaction gifs for me nur!

Sam’s outfits in A Princess For Christmas


you know how i know the martells weren’t white?

the second i read that the food in dorne is spicy

Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011






"And so to bed. I put on my headtorch, spray myself from head to toe with Jungle Formula insect repellent, brush my teeth, say hello to the five huge spiders sharing a room with myself and Luke, slip into my mosquito net and close my eyes.” (from Tom’s Guinea field diary day 2)


Game of Thrones be like


George throwing a bitch to the floor